February Deficit Exceeds the Total 2007 Deficit

March/10/2011 16:16PM
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The February,2011, Budget Deficit was $223 billion. The budget deficit for the entire year of 2007 was $163.7 billion. Yet, Democrats say they can only find , according to the Washington Times, $6 billion in domestic cuts for the next budget.

Interest costs on borrowed money will exceed $200 billion this year. Yet, Democrats want to borrow more, spend more, and run interest costs even higher. If projected interest expenses of nearly $1 trillion in 2016, as projected, are reached, we are broke.

Republicans, on the other hand, see a max of $57 billion in cuts for the next fiscal year. Such courage.

Meanwhile we have the battle in Wisconsin. Governor Walker hung tough and got the right to end pubic union collective bargaining. This will now move to the other states working on the same problem. The success of these efforts will give us a big heads up regarding the Federal spending challenge. The usual cast of characters, Jesse Jackson and Michael Moore have been to Wisconsin to stop the Walker agenda. Michael Moore, the pet dog for Democrats, said we need to use the Egypt solution in Wisconsin.

Just think about it. The Democratic plan for cost cutting in the next fiscal year constitutes 1.3% of the February deficit and the brazen Republican plan is 25.5% of the same.

Shall we sit by and watch the country be destroyed financially? That’s what’s happening.

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