Obama Never had a Model Train

February/22/2011 16:49PM
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President Obama evidently never had a model train as a kid. I watched my grandson go through that phase. He had all the Thomas pieces and two model trains. He spent a great deal of time playing with them. Then one day he just lost interest. Packed up and put away. Moved on to sports and trains are gone forever.

Obama is trying to fund a $53 billion effort to put high speed trains in selective areas in the country. What a great time to spend $53 billion we would have to borrow to get him where my grandson got to at age 6.

Our president seems to be having a problem with his trains. Governor Scott Walker, a businessman, from Wisconsin said no thanks to the offer. Governor John Kasich from Ohio also said no thanks. Then, Governor Rick Scott from Florida said he is having second thoughts and may also opt out. Only, are you sitting down, California, land of dreams and schemes, seems interested. Two years ago voters approved a $9.95 billion bond initiative to build a high speed train from San Diego to San Francisco.

Economists say the cost will be between $62 billion and $213 billion. That would require a ticket price of $190. Cheaper to fly. No private investors have come forth on the project. The extra funds the state would need would chew up $15 billion of the big Obama fund.

Come down to earth Mr. President. Figure out how to make the train line you run now make money, Amtrak. Get off this big idea. If you haven’t noticed, we can’t afford big ideas with questionable paybacks. Show us you can make money with Amtrak and then let’s talk about borrowing another $50 billion from China to h help you get over a childhood slight.

In the meantime, why don’t you and Michele take the train to NY City on your next big date night. It would be a big start to funding the $50 billion vs. using Air Force One.

As for California, if you could get the money up-front you could use it for paying down your debt and promise Obama you will pay him back when you can. It will make Texas happy to know you got a bail out by stiffing the President.

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