A Case for Budget Cuts

February/23/2011 16:40PM
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Two studies published in the British journal Nature give us further reason for government funding cuts here in the US. They say rain and snow are getting heavier and it’s our fault.

Francis Zwiers of the University of Victoria-British Columbia says it’s human influence that has made “intense precipitation” stronger in the second half of the the 20th century. The other study dealt with floods that swamped the United Kingdom in the fall of 2000. That computer model says climate change made them more than twice as likely to occur.

Rest assured that some government grant paid for both of these studies. The only solace is that it wasn’t our tax dollars in either case. But, you know there are numerous scientists in the university community here working on similar studies paid for by your Department of Energy or the EPA.

Also, you can ponder that fact that none of the scientists working on hundreds of similar studies here are devout believers in climate change. Hence, you can predict the outcome of all of them.

Free market groups, emphasize, free market, like the Heartland Institute dispute the premise that human activity causes global warming. But, you won’t see much published by the free market study groups. Perhaps, just perhaps, the media has a tiny bias about climate change.

I’m sure both study groups that published in Nature would have ready explanations about the severe winter we are experiencing in the US. And, our water issues, which may be of greater import than the climate change myth, are never mentioned as a positive factor in the rain and snow increases.

I swear to God that these scientists would blame climate change if Lake Michigan froze over completely. When science is produced by those with a bias and done with computer modeling, and by admission, is consensus science, not science, you always get the same answer, a consensus.

While this has done great damage in untapped energy and economic loss, I can ignore much of it as the idle work of those who can’t get real jobs. But, if I’m paying for it, I get really chapped. If Congress cuts off the funding, much of it will cease.

Let’s find a better way to spend our tax dollars in these troubled economic times.

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