The Duplicitious President

January/26/2011 16:30PM
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All politicians seem to believe their words mean nothing when compared to their actions. President Obama may be at or near the top of the list.

Here’s the most recent example. He he will stimulate business, the economy, and the unemployment problem by scrubbing every regulation through a cost-benefit analysis.

Here is what he is doing. Part of the so-called cost-benefit scrubbing includes they should always consider ” values that are difficult or impossible to quantify, including equity, human dignity, fairness, and distributive impacts”

What does that mean? If the regulation helps the socially disadvantaged, then it’s good regardless of the cost to overall society.

Hence, the much criticized EPA regulations that impose cap and trade on an ad hoc basis all meet the Obama criteria. The EPA contends poor Americans are most damaged by carbon emissions. Therefore, any act that reduces carbon emissions meets the aforementioned test. Regardless of jobs lost in the West Virginia coal mines, in utilities closed, in refineries, or any other smokestack emitter.

By the Obama cost benefit analysis, social conscience as defined by the regulators at the agency setting the regulation has the full authority to make a judgment call on whomever they deem to be socially disadvantaged.

There will speech after speech by Obama about his war on excessive regulation and their harm to the economy. But, there will little, if any, change in any regulation. In fact, there will be more regulation and they will fit the far-left agenda in their efforts to have stealth left-wing that agenda in practice, despite the Congress or the courts.

Again, pay no attention to what this president says, but watch carefully what he does.

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