Spending is now Investing

January/30/2011 16:54PM
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Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, government spending is now government investing. The lack of respect Obama gives the American public is insulting.

A stimulus bill that doled out billions was spending. A proposal to “invest” in education, infrastructure, and more green energy waste is investment. Are you buying this spin? Spending is a dirty word in the face of a $1.5 trillion deficit this fiscal year. On top to two years of trillion dollar deficits, it’s pretty hard to talk spending. Especially when the voters just put in lots of new congressmen and women who ran on a spending reduction platform. So, to solve the problem Obama chooses not to cut spending, but increase it and call it investment.

This president is going to drive this country into bankruptcy. He is totally clueless about the risk he is setting up for the fiscal health of America. He is not good at picking advisers but really good at reading a teleprompter the inept advisers wrote for him.

I’m not blaming him for trying to pull the investment scam. I believe he is so totally detached from the nitty gritty of making fiscal strategy that he cares not what he says. He’s not calling the shots. His strings are being pulled.

The great state of the union speech was well-received by most Americans. But, people in this country are very good about thinking about words and applying their own common sense to those words.

As the debate begins about the spending cuts, the public will sort out spending and investing by government and come to the conclusion that their president is pulling a fast one. Again. There will be a significant downside to this idea, it will just need to perk a bit.

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