Evil Science

January/09/2011 16:43PM
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Evil science stopped DDT usage in countries with malaria. After all, DDT made bird’s egg shells thinner, right? Hence, with the help of bogus science with no regard for the truth or human life, millions died needlessly. Thanks to none other than George W. Bush, spraying restarted and millions have been spared. Still, there are environmental freaks and evil scientists willing to create fraudulent data to support the next round of DDT cessation. If you don’t use a gun, a bomb, or march them to the showers it’s not genocide, right?

Now we find a scientist named Wakefield used bogus science to create the belief that vaccines cause autism. A panic ensued and vaccination rates dropped to all time recent lows. By 2004, Britain’s immunization rates dropped to 80%. The Centers for Disease Control data said that the U.S. 40% of parents have delayed or declined at least one of their children’s shots. Measles is now rampant in Wales. California had a whooping cough outbreak that killed 10 babies.

Only last year did the Lancet, the publication that wrote and published the 1998 study by Wakefield, retract the 1998 study calling it an elaborate fraud. So evil science kills a few thousand and causes a few million to get sick needlessly.

Does this make you the least bit suspicious that Global Warming, coming from the same country that gave us Wakefield, is a form of evil science? Looking for motive? What has it done for the scientific community? Created billions in grants, millions in jobs, and power galore. It supports the environmental ideology of the scientific community, just as the banning of DDT did.

When will a sufficient number of scientists with voice and conscience stand up, like they did with DDT and the vaccine/autism scare, stand up and refute global warming as a ruse? How many billions have been wasted in the belief that we must save the planet, even if it destroys our country?

PT Barnum had it right, are you one?

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