AARP Still Denying it is an Insurance Company

January/27/2011 16:47PM
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Why did the AARP pander to ObamaCare? They lost thousands of members. They double-crossed all the members on Medicare. Today, they still deny they are in the primary business of brokering health insurance.

The AARP website shows they have four revenue sources. In 2009, per that website, dues, grants, and private contributions were $250MM. Royalties and fees from serving as a broker for insurance companies contributed $650MM. If you slash Medicare spending, you raise Medigap participation. If you make zero from Medicare, but $650MM from brokering Medicare supplement programs, you want less Medicare coverage and a greater need for supplement programs. You can raise that $650MM significantly. Especially, with baby boomers coming on in the next ten years.

Regardless of what you read from the far-left leaders of AARP, this is the unvarnished truth.

It is an insurance company. They did get solidly behind ObamaCare with support and dollars. They had a very good business reason to do so. They will profit handsomely by brokering supplemental insurance to their members. The worse Medicare is, the greater the need to supplemental insurance.

Selling memberships is chump change. Salaries and bonuses for management depends on income generated by brokering insurance.

So, if you still belong to AARP, just realize all the publications and propaganda about how much they care and do for the over 50 crowd in marketing. What they really want to do for you is put the screws to your Medicare so they can sell you some insurance to offset what they did to your coverage.

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