We The People

December/01/2010 16:57PM
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Someone sent me this video clip. It’s a powerful message to President Obama. The public is recognizing who you really are, Mr. President, and we don’t agree with your vision for this country. We find your leadership lacking, your judgment flawed, your lack of experience a serious problem in these times, and we are asking your to recalibrate.

Whatever mandate your had is long gone. Whatever chance your have for any political future in this country is tenuous, at best. Unless your back off your big plans to take every wrong road you see and ignore the rejection of your chosen direction, you will surely hit a dead end.

The voices of mainstream America are growing louder. The recent election is solid evidence of that rejection of you and your plans for this nation. Listen up Mr. President, we the people are speaking. Here is that message: http://www.youtube.com/watch_popup?v=JVAhr4hZDJE&vq=medium#t=19

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