The First Break for Future Generations

December/20/2010 16:43PM
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Across America some kids and grand kids got their first break from Washington with the tax bill.

These aren’t the poor kids, these are the future poor kids.

As Washington sets about destroying our economy for the next two generations, they were forced, kicking and screaming on many cases, to cut a break. The big issue was estate tax. At least for the next two years, some next and future generation heirs may keep enough away from our wasteful government to give those generations a fighting chance to survive what’s coming down the road.

That money will be better spent than building a memorial to John Murtha as the Omnibus Spending bill intended to do. A man who single handedly wasted more taxpayer money than 99% of the wastrels. After all, we have John Murtha Airport, a place where few planes fly. That’s tribute enough for Congressman Murtha. A man who might have faced the ethics committee like Rangle, had he lived. Building a memorial to Murtha is tantamount to building a memorial to all that’s wrong in Washington.

Maybe those heirs will start a business or go to medical school with their inheritance. Maybe it will allow them to scrape by in a country devastated by debt. Unless it goes to drugs and alcohol it has a far better chance of doing something positive than it would in the hands of government.

So, as the new year approaches, let’s raise a toast to the first break in years for kids and grand kids who might have seed capital for keeping their American Dreams alive. Most won’t be so lucky.

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