Let the Government Close Down Saturday

December/16/2010 16:27PM
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Incompetents in Washington haven’t quite gotten around to passing a budget to keep the government running. By law, if none is passed by Saturday night, the government shuts down. This is the only possible way these fools can cut costs. The newest Gallup poll shows the Congress has a 13% approval rating. The lowest in history. For the life of me, I can’t imagine what 13% approved.

The Democrats have produced a 2,000 page budget that would take 20 hours to read aloud. Jim Demint(R) SC, is going to demand it be read aloud. It’s a mere $1.2 trillion, why read it? It has over 6,000 earmarks totalling $8.3 billion. This, of course, is on top of the $900 billion tax package being debated.

Just let the government close ladies and gentlemen. The big sucking sound you will hear soon will be the lame duck idiots who never got the message and were voted out.

Let’s let the new folks do the budget. Somehow, I feel the earmarks will be gone, the $1.2 trillion will be reduced, and the voter’s will may be done.

Send these lame duck fools home before they can do more mischief.

Keep careful score on any who get to stay after January that vote for earmarks or any budget close to $1.2 trillion.

Where’s Chris Christie when we need him?

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