Blue State Evacuation

December/25/2010 16:58PM
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The census told us what we already knew. The far left liberal dominated blue states are losing population. Still, we have a President who wants to have the whole country emulate the actions that are driving people from the blue states. Blue states seem to have several things in common. High taxes, heavy union concentration. high debt, job losses, and high unemployment. The big growth states have low taxes, fewer regulations, a friendly environment for business, less debt, and Republican conservative leadership. These states are picking up seats in congress while blue states lose them.

How do we stop Obama from turning the entire country blue? We can’t wait until 50% of the population in blue states move to states like Texas. That would obviously preclude another Obama from ever being president, since he was elected by the blue states. Even the small change in the next election might make it tougher, it would take 20 years for this to decimate the population in blue states to the point where they don’t have enough clout to elect a president.

Logic and common sense would seem to say, don’t make America like California or France or Spain. But, logic and common sense don’t abound in Washington. The current logic and common sense says do what the voters in the blue states want and you will win. Give them strong labor support, you get money and support back. Give them excessive environmental support, even if jobs suffer, and you get money and support back. Give them free stuff(health care) and you get money and support back. But, following this formula creates one big problem. No jobs. Jobs in the public sector, but not in the private sector.

That is the big reason for migration that is taking population from blue to red states. The formula in red states is creating jobs. The formula in blue states is losing jobs. Simple as that.

Until a person or a family has finally had enough of a blue state and they move, they tend to tolerate the blue abuse. Until a company has had enough they stay and pay. But, there is a break point. We see the result of those break points in the worst of the blue states. More and more are moving. We are a mobile society in America.

What happens in a blue state when too many move and tip the balance? Logic would say that state will change to emulate the red state formula. Some do and some don’t. New Jersey is doing just that. With Chris Christie in charge, they are going red. California, on the other hand has chosen to remain very blue. Governor Moonbeam will not make the changes Christie is making. With less tax revenue from fewer businesses and citizens he will need to raise taxes higher, increase regulation, and exacerbate the root causes of the problem. Thus, more will move. He will be left with union workers, those who like the free stuff, fewer jobs, fewer people, and a bigger budget he can’t afford. Good luck, Moonbeam.

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