The Only Patriots Left in America are the Military

November/13/2010 16:43PM
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I’m writing this on Veteran’s Day. There is more than the normal amount of media attention to the holiday this year. At least in the media I read, watch, and listen to this day. It’s good to see. No one makes more sacrifices than our people who ,have ,and are now serving in the military. Including their families.

In contrast, the deficit commission President Obama put together reported their ideas for cutting the deficit. The outcry was deafening.

We have become a sniveling nation that refuses to make any sacrifice. Jesse Jackson warned the country about repealing Obamacare. The Democrats, led by the wicked witch from the west and Dickie Durbin, the dolt from my home state, rant on about not touching social security even though the proposal is 75 years out. The Republicans rant about cutting defense spending.

How do you cut the deficit when one party won’t touch entitlements and the other won’t do anything to increase revenue? You won’t and that’s the plain truth.

Look at Greece, France, and the UK where people have taken to the streets over cuts in entitlements.

Sadly, we live in a country where we can send brave man and women off to war and expect them to make huge sacrifices, but we stay home and watch while our country goes broke while we care nothing about our future generations.

Who will have the courage to cut 25% of the Federal workforce? To simplify taxes? To stop the green energy crap that sucks up money with zero benefits? To divest of the Post Office, Amtrak, Freddie and Fannie, and GM and Chrysler? To face the social security issue? To repeal the Obamacare that is grossly under budgeted and will make another mess we can’t afford? Who will face the people who are stirred up by politicians, unions, the George Soros radicals, and those who are being asked to make sacrifices, large and small?

The reality is no one will do it. We no longer have the mettle in this country to sacrifice. Only the troops do. We need to take a lesson from them and make this a patriotic issue, not a political issue. Only then, might we move forward.

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