Obama Still Doesn’t Get It

November/04/2010 16:47PM
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President Obama and the Democrats got a big message from the voting public. He didn’t hear the message. He’s off to India with 3,000 of his closest friends at a cost to taxpayers of $200 million a day. The public gave Obama the bird and he gave it back.

The man has very big ears, but they don’t work. He said his problem was living in a bubble. He has been on the campaign trail for 6 weeks. Most of the places he went repeatedly to campaign resulted in a loss by the Democratic candidate.

This man has zero intention of moving to the center like Bill Clinton. He will be building houses for Habitat for Humanity with Jimmy Carter in two years.

He didn’t hear it when Republicans were elected in Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Virginia. He didn’t hear it when the Democrats were destroyed at town hall meetings over health care. He didn’t hear the outrage over him suing the state of Arizona over immigration bill 1070. He ignored the polls about public concern over spending, deficits, and bigger government. He was right about the bubble. But, the bubble must cover him 24/7 because he hears nothing he chooses not to hear.

Here’s how it’s going down. The Republicans heard some of the pubic outrage. They will push legislation that will infuriate Obama. First, it will be to extend the Bush tax cuts. Obama will not dare veto this. The Democratic Party won’t stand for that. Then, there will be a bill to revoke Obama care. Obama will veto this. That will be the end of Obama. Obamacare is toxic. Fellow Democrats who have to run for election in 2012 will work out a compromise on Obamacare with the Republicans. A veto proof compromise. At this point the Democratic Party has no option but to run from Obama.

The Republicans will put forth a tight budget. It will strip Obama of his spending options.

In 2008 the American people did not know Obama. He never showed his cards. Hope and Change. That’s it. Now the voters know what his version of hope and change means. They reject it. If he wanted to do damage control, he might make some progress. But, he can’t. He can’t dig his way out of this like he did with Reverend Wright by outing his grandmother about racist comments. We now know he believed most of what the good reverend said all those years he sat in the pew.

He believes we are too stupid to understand his great intellect. We just don’t see the merits of becoming France. We cling to our guns and Bibles and grow “scared and angry” because he, the great communicator, has a communication problem. But, dumb as we are, we can still find our way to the polls and outvote his union supporters who were driven there.

Don’t disappoint us, Mr. President, continue to shove your flawed agenda down our throats. Keep the anger going for two more years. If you do as well as I expect, democrats will be as scarce as jobs are today under your leadership.

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