You Democrats Should Be Proud

October/06/2010 16:08PM
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Folks, who have been long-time Democrats, are now being mixed with an unsavory crowd. The 10-3-10 Chicago Tribune ran an article with the headline “Democrats Take their turn Marching on the National Mall”. It describes the big “One Nation Working Together” rally held on the National Mall on October 2.

Endorsed by Obama, this event was sponsored by 400 groups. This included several organizations associated with the American Communist Party. Many Socialist Groups. Gay and Lesbian Rights groups. Labor Unions. Their members were paid to show and given free food. Militant environmental groups. The New Black Panthers. If you are a Democrat do you associate with any of the aforementioned groups? Maybe with Obama, who does feel a kinship with most or all.

No media seem to be touting this rally. Maybe MSNBC, but I don’t watch that channel. And estimates of attendees seem hard to get. Maybe 100,000 vs. 500,000 for the Glen Beck rally.

There were some other differences. Most of the attendees left long before the rally ended. Guess when the food was gone, they were gone. And there were plenty of signs. Many touted the groups that would have been considered subversive not that many years ago.

Last, but not least, there was the trash. After the Beck rally there was little evidence a rally had occurred. The Mall seemed cleaner than when the rally started. But, not this one.

They seemed to be trying to exceed the trash pile left from the Obama Inauguration. Signs were discarded, the new WWII Memorial was strewn with trash. It looked like every plate and cup and bottle was just thrown on the ground.

How does a group that wants to destroy the economy for the greater good of the environment behave this way?

As I said, you Democrats should be proud that the media and your President associate your good name and behavior with this crowd. Give me a Beck rally or a Tea Party rally any day. I see people in those crowds who are like my friends and neighbors. Not people who want to overthrow the country.

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