Will Morning Ever Come to America Again?

October/27/2010 16:11PM
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Remember the Ronald Reagan commercial, “It’s Morning again in America”? You can see it here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=EU-IBF8nwSY

Will it ever be morning again in America? Has Obama done what Jimmy Carter couldn’t do? Destroy our capacity to recover. Jimmy was bad, but Barack is worse. He is moving faster and with more conviction and he had more help from Pelosi and Reed. He has put us in a worse place than Carter put us. 

Is there a Reaqan on the horizon? If there is one, I can’t find him or her. Chris Christie is the best I’ve seen. Only because he backs up his words with actions. He uses words anyone can understand. He gets it.

But, the Republican Party doesn’t get it. Their feeble pledge to America is without substance. They choose weasel words, unlike Christie. This country has gotten enough weasel words from Obama in the last three years to last a century. 

The Tea Party is the best hope to get us back on a road that will take  us back where we need to go.

The next president must move us in reverse as fast as Obama has driven us forward. The clock is running out for the normal political pace. Slashing government to the bone won’t be easy, look at France and the UK. There will be lots of pain all around. This time it will be union workers who need to hit the streets. Government workers at all levels. Bad teachers. Postal workers. Amtrak workers. Closing down most of the useless government agencies like the Department of Education, Department of Energy, etc.

Unrolling Obamacare quickly.. Fixing the border where a billion has been invested in the virtual fence and the present fools want to just kill it. Shipping illegals home.

Reeling back all the attacks on business large and small. Cutting regulations and red tape. 

There is too much to do to list everything. At least the next president won’t have to re-open Gitmo.    

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