The Unions and the Low Income Americans

October/17/2010 16:16PM
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Look no further than WalMart. Democrats across America are attacking WalMart. They cast them as villains. Why?

Who does WalMart serve? Low income people, the very people the Democrats say they support, shop at WalMart. They can buy more with their limited disposable income. WalMart provides a true value to the consumer. Been to a WalMart lately? Who is shopping there? Families trying to survive in bad times. Look at the parking lot.

Why does the Democratic party attack WalMart? Because of the unions. The unions want to organize WalMart. The Democrats will always put the unions before any other constituents. Why? Billions in campaign contributions. Poor people don’t contribute to the Democratic Party. They can’t. They don’t have money to contribute to anyone.

Why don’t the employees join the unions? Because WalMart promotes from within. People who would have almost no upward mobility get support from WalMart to move up in life. They get promoted to bigger and better jobs. They get education. They get benefits. They see no reason to unionize.

If WalMart were to unionize who would suffer? The people who shop at WalMart. They would lose the low prices they get when shopping at WalMart.

Is WalMart the only way the Democrats and their union friends stiff the poor? Look at public unionized employees. By handing out unreasonable pay raises, exorbitant free benefits, and huge pensions to public employees, the poor suffer more from this than the middle class. They can not afford the excessive costs the public unions require to support the bloated excess the unions demand and get.

Cities and states are going broke due to public unions costs. Services to the poor are being cut to reduce budgets. The Federal Government is doling out money to cover the cities and states to keep the union jobs. But, it isn’t enough. Police and fire protection is being cut. Public assistance is being cut. Parks are being closed. Library hours cut. Many of the places the poor go and the needs they require is sacrificed to keep the unions in business.

In New York City, the mayor wants a new law banning the pubic from using food stamps to buy soft drinks with sugar. Now the government wants to tell the poor when and what they can use food stamps to buy. What percentage of Wal Mart’s sales do you suppose are bought with food stamps?

The Democrats want to put in a National Sales Tax. Won’t that be nice for the needy. A value added tax would hit them hardest.

At some point, the Democrats are going to have a real problem justifying their undue loyalty to unions over the needy. It’s a double standard.

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