Remember the Troops

October/25/2010 16:53PM
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A while back I was at the airport waiting for a plane. The gate representative for the airline announced the plane we would be flying had arrived at the gate and it was filled with many military personnel. As they deboarded everyone in the gate area stood and applauded. The young people in uniform seemed embarrassed.

How often do we think about the sacrifices our military are making every day? How much do we see from the media about their heroics? We see more about Lindsay Lohan than our true heroes. Woodward wrote about how Obama is playing politics with the war in Afghanistan. Playing politics with those who are doing a job most of us would prefer not to do.

Sometimes it takes a little thing to remind us how much we have our priorities confused. Reading about a young man from my town in Illinois who got the Medal of Honor posthumously. Saving many of his fellow marines, he gave his life with the greatest of courage. Sometimes it takes a story about a company coming home and watching the families meet them. We should get a daily dose of reminders from our media. We don’t and we won’t. There are few patriots working for  the media. They are anti-war and can’t get past that. I can tolerate anti-war, but not anti-warrior. You don’t like the war, go after Obama like you went after Bush. But, give the troops their due.

Sometimes a reminder comes from a place you would never expect to see. Would you ever think the band Kiss would be out there entertaining the troops? Funny thing, they were. Watch the video in the link below. It will get your patriotic juices flowing. Thank you Kiss.

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