Campaign Platforms Not Heard

October/18/2010 16:43PM
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Have you heard any candidate from either party putting forth term limits as a campaign promise? There may be a few out there, but I’m not aware of any. Voters are anti-incumbent. Yet, no politician will jump on that trend and use it to get elected. Why? None are in this for the public will. They are all in it for their own benefit.

How does the public get something like term limits? By demanding it. The Tea Party needs to make it part of their platform. The public needs to say, if you don’t support term limits, you don’t get my vote. It needs to be part of every campaign debate.

Next, there is income tax reform. Anyone running on that platform. Obamacare will hire 16,000 new IRS agents to enforce the farce. Income tax reform could eliminate thousands of IRS employees. It would save businesses and individuals billions in tax preparation costs. It should be a top campaign item.

I have found an area where I do agree with President Obama. There is no shovel ready projects. Why? Because of government regulations. Obama and the government could fast track projects by eliminating lawsuits, permitting bureauacracy, state and local zoning delays, and the myriad of other delays that take forever to implement these projects.

The same is true in energy. The state of Arizona put in a law that says any homeowner can put up solar panels. No homeower’s association, no local government, no state government can stop them. The hottest business in Arizona is solar panels on houses. Nuclear power plants could be fast-tracked, new refineries, and the hundreds of regulation, permit requirements, frivolous lawsuite, and other regulations that stop projects. The Arizona law on solar should be a national law.

Is any candidate running on the let’s make shovel ready, shovel ready platform?

Chris Christie has stepped up and stopped a project to provide a tunnel from New Jersey to Manhattan? Why? The state can’t afford the project. The cost estimate has gone up and up since the project was approved. Much of it is due to unions costs. The state is broke. It isn’t a matter of whether the project is a good project, it’s a matter of a project that was approved at a certain cost level, doubling and the fact that the state doesn’t have the money for the initial cost, let along, the new cost estimate. But, we are talking union jobs. So, the Federal government, broke too, is stepping up and offering to help New Jersey pay for the project. Christie will hold out until the Feds pay the full price, which will double again before the projcet is half done. Remember the project in Boston? Or, deep tunnel in Chicago.

What politician is running on a platform to cut or eliminate projects that we can’t afford? Guess Chris Christie is out there ahead of all of them again.

Who is campaigning on a platform to eliminate the Post Office, Freddie or Fannie, Amtrak, GM, Chrysler or any other money losing government entity? GM lied about the Volt being an electric car. It’s a hybrid. and, it will cost thousand more than the Nissan Leaf and will be subsidized by your tax dollars. When do we have enough of this?
Once again, neither the Democrats or Republicans get it. It’s not business as usual in this country anymore. You had better get on the leading edge of ideas to survive in this country today.

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