The Quality of Congress

September/08/2010 16:32PM
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Want a sample of what type of people we have making critical decisions in Congress today? Go to the link, below.

This is what your tax dollars pay for. And continue to pay for when this esteemed US Congressman retires. You may even have to pay for his mental health somewhere down the road. Or, his drug rehabilitation

Our president wants you to give up more and more control in this country to people like this to make all your decisions for you. 

He wants power taken from business leaders, who wouldn’t  hire this congressman in a New York minute, and let this gentleman and others like him run our corporations. You see, in the eyes of Obama, we can’t justify paying any CEO several million a year to grow a business, create wealth for shareholders, and make jobs available for US citizens. And, to generate taxes at a rate higher than most any other country to pay the salaries of fools like the Democratic congressman from Georgia. In Obama’s eyes we need the congressman from Georgia creating  jobs for Americans with his depth of wisdom and bottomless pit of common sense.  

When they aren’t grilling Roger Clements on his steroid use they are dedicating a bridge to someone like Pelosi. Why do we rate congress so low? Because we don’t take time to listen to speeches like that on the video. If we did, we would rate them even lower. 

How far do we let it sink before we fix it? Until Guam tips over?

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