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September/04/2010 16:32PM
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The newest example of President Obama’s dedication to non-partisan politics is to sue Sheriff Joe in Phoenix. After we sue the entire state, of course. Still, twenty states are ignoring Obama’s litigious nature and say they are planning to pass an Arizona-type law. Is Obama a president or a dictator? Doesn’t this seem more like Hugo Chavez than Bill Clinton? What’s the deal with a leader who says do what I want or I sue you? What’s next send in the National Guard? There is an idea gaining traction in the Obama administration to have a National Police Union. Obama did say in his campaign that in addition to defending us abroad we need a strong national defense force.

In 2009 ICE investigated Sheriff Joe and found him innocent of any civil rights violations. Now the Justice Department says he is withholding documents. He says if you enforce the Federal Laws in this administration instead of winking at them, you will be harassed. Fortunately they are harassing the right man since Sheriff Joe, unlike Barack Obama, has an 80% approval rate in his state, not 40%. He will continue to withhold documents and arrest illegals and hold them for ICE to pick up, because that’s the law and that’s what he gets paid to do.

What is this country coming to? A man who enforces the law is sued by the Department of Justice because he enforces the law.

A President and a party that is pandering for Latino votes might as well get out on the street corner and rattle a cup. They have lost respect and dignity.

A sheriff who ignores their threats becomes a folk hero. He represents the will of the people and the cup rattlers represent the will of a small minority. The ACLU, Hollywood, the illegals, the media, the universities, and the Mexican Drug Lords . They have put a million dollar bounty on the life of Sheriff Joe.

Just remember when you go to the polls what you might be voting for when you punch the buttons.

Most of us didn’t think we were getting a president who would trash the law, stomp on people who were enforcing laws, and pander to freaks. But, that’s what we got. And, one with an ego that is stretching thin. As his ratings drop and Democrats run for cover, who does he turn his legal dogs on next?

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