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September/20/2010 16:18PM
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The Republican Party is upset that O’Donnell beat the cadaver the party endorsed in Delaware.

Before we get upset about the fact that O’Donnell, a single woman, defaulted on her house and owed the IRS, let’s look at the job description for the position she is seeking.

There is one requirement for the job. Show up and vote the right way. That’s it. Representatives and Senators don’t write laws. Their minions do that. That has be very clear in the past year. They don’t read the laws the minions write before they vote. That, too, has been very clear. Much of the time they aren’t required to show up for work at all.

So, what’s wrong with having a normal person serve as a senator in a state the size of Delaware. Didn’t normal people create this country. Why do we need to pay an incompetent lawyer to work in this job? Why do we want to send back a Republican retread who has the 40 mile stare, knows every lobbyist, owes too many favors, and doesn’t appear to capable of passing a driver’s license test? Based on Delaware, the voters have decided to make their own decisions about who they want to elect. The endorsements of Michael Steele, someone who should have been fired months ago, Karl Rove, the biggest insider in the party, or the so-called party, whomever that may be, means nothing right now. We don’t like any of them, nor trust them. They all represent what we plan to erase.

This is a quiet revolution. One that I have been blogging for for three years. It’s here. The country is done with the old guard. Between Bush and Obama, we have gotten the message. None of them stand for anything.

If a newcomer arrives and stands for something we believe in, they get the vote over a lying old timer. It’s called a housecleaning and one that’s sorely needed. You won’t give up term limits, we’ll take them. As one pundit said about the Delaware primary result, Delaware crossed the Washington.

Maybe O’Donnell will lose in the November election. So what? At least the Republicans in Delaware refused to send a man to Washington who should have retired years ago. But, what if she does win? It shows that the voters are smarter than Karl Rove.

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