We Won the War

August/23/2010 16:56PM
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The troops are coming home. It should be the biggest news of the decade. We won the war in Iraq. Mission accomplished. Yet, the mainstream media have stones in their mouths. Token coverage of the big event. Why?

Admitting you were wrong seems impossible in this country these days. When you spend years throwing everything you have against a national cause you can’t be objective about a positive outcome. Over 20 million Iraqis have freedom from Hussein. They have some semblance of democracy a country that has never experienced such freedom. Thousands of brave young Americans made this possible at a huge sacrifice. But, being wrong trumps reporting good news.

Plus, admitting the errors of your ways indicts your vaunted President who was also very wrong. Yet, he’s not above taking credit for the troops coming home.

We have had VJ Day, VE Day, and celebrations for Desert Storm. But, no VIQ Day. The silence is deafening. No parades, no celebrations, no national pride. Yet, the silence speaks volumes about the cancer that is eating away at this country.

Mainstream America is proud. That probably constitutes 70% or more of the public in this country. The 30% who suppress the celebrations are the people who are still smoking pot and wearing beads. Not overtly, but in their hearts. They hate this country as it is and as it was. None of them fought in Iraq or had sons or daughters who fought there. They are teaching in universities, smug in Hollywood, behind cameras at ABC, NBC, CBS, or worse, MSNBC. The work for the New York Times, run unions, or work for Obama. Or, they are Obama, who was taking credit but giving little to the ones who made it happen.

The true heroes who made this happen deserve more. The deserve a parade. They deserve a monument. They deserve the full spotlight of the mainstream media for days and weeks. They deserve the gratitude of a nation that should be proud of them and proud of what they did for a country that is far, far better for their efforts, Iraq.

Their work was monumental in the annals of our history. They resurrected a fallen nation. They eradicated an evil that mirrored that of Hitler. They trained a million Iraqi soldiers to defend their country from future perils. They trained thousands of Iraqi police to help the soldiers protect their citizens. They rebuilt a country. We spend billions in the effort.

If you have any doubts about the corrupt media in this country, just think about their response to this victory. They are incapable of doing one positive thing to laud the outcome. It isn’t in their nature. It’s against their ideology. They have lost all objectivity to report fairly on the events of the day. They want to spoon feed you on their versions of the world.

No ticker tape parades in Times Square. No pictures of a sailor kissing a nurse. Your president is so tired and stressed from two weeks of fund raising for his party, he has to take 10 days off in Nantucket. How many days did the military in Iraq get off between fighting and R&R. How many tours of duty did some do in Iraq?

If you still get your evening news from the major networks, think about this. Can you really trust they are giving you the news fair and unbalanced?

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