The Glen Beck Rally

August/27/2010 18:29PM
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I’m not sure what Glen Beck has in mind for his rally tomorrow. I never thought it had any racial overtones. Seemed like restoring honor to America is a noble idea. Coincidentally, it fell on the anniversary of the Martin Luther King rally.

That brought out the theory that it is disrespectful to Dr. King to hold a rally to restore honor to America. Seems like that might be something that Dr. King would have supported. It has significant religious overtones, which also might have met Dr. King’s approval.

As estimates of the number of people who might attend swelled, the Glen Beck haters began to panic. Suddenly, Al Sharpton felt the need to hold his rally that day. Personally, knowing Reverend Al’s penchant to make everything racial, he is trying to create a racial problem where one didn’t exist.

This delights main stream media who can give 75% of their coverage to the Sharpton rally and use the remaining 25% to support Sharpton’s claim that the Beck rally was an insult to Dr. King.

I have found Glen Beck becoming more and more bizarre with each passing day. He seems more like an Evangelical pastor than a news figure. He sees our primary problem being a loss of faith. He feels we can restore our country by getting our faith back. He believes the churches, temples, and other religious organizations need to lead the change back to restoring the core values of our country. If that were to happen, Beck seems to think we can take back our country from those who detest religion. Those he catalogs as progressives.

Still, if 300,000 people turn out to hear Glen’s message, as some predict, it’s a big deal. Many may go to represent the idea they want our country back. The tea party premise. Others may go because they support Glen, he has two million viewers each day plus radio listeners and millions have bought his books. Others may go because they believe, like Glen, that religion must take a bigger role in our society, and we must stop the progressives from eradicating religion in this country.

If the attendance is that large or larger, it presents a big problem for both political parties. Glen is not supporting Republicans. He is a Libertarian. He is supporting the Constitution, the Founding Fathers, the religious underpinning of our nation, and more freedom and less government.

One thing is for certain. The rally must be demonized by the Sharpton camp, the mainstream media, the Obama administration, and all the progressives who will feel threatened. Remember the initial tea party rallies. Pelosi called them astroturf put together by special interest groups. I can’t imagine what that witch will have to say about the Beck rally.

This will add fuel to the class warfare mess we have in America today. It will add momentum to the tea party. It will create more racial tension, thanks to Al Sharpton. Attacking this rally will cost Democrats more votes, and Obama support. A poll might show 60% of Americans agree with much of Beck’s logic. Again, the losers will be on the wrong side of an issue and their only defense is to attack.

Good, attack. Lose some more votes in November. Thank Al Sharpton for playing the race card. It doesn’t always work.

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