Speeding Through Red Lights

August/19/2010 15:47PM
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President Obama likes to campaign on the same theme. He says Republicans want the keys to the car back. They can’t drive, per Obama. Last time they had the keys they drove in the ditch. He’s worn this analogy out, but keeps using it just the same. Since he’s either on vacation or fund raising, he gets to use it a lot.

I have a driving analogy for the President. If you speed through red lights sooner or later you will hurt yourself or someone else.

Closing Gitmo was going to be hard. No one wanted terrorists in their back yard. But, without checking the light first, Obama hit the gas. He still isn’t through that intersection.

Pushing through the stimulus bill was based on a promise that unemployment would drop to 8.5%. The caution light went on. This was 2,800 pages of pork and subsidies to states. But, the president coined the phrase, shovel ready projects. That lit the red light. Pedal to the metal, Obama went right through the intersection.

Heath care reform was unpopular with a majority of the public. Hit the gas. Sped right through the intersection.

Arizona lit the red light on illegal immigration. Polls showed over 60% of the public approved the Arizona bill. Speed thorough the intersection, sue Arizona.

Going to try terrorists in NYC. Very unpopular. Red light. Whoa, stopped for that one.

Oil spill. Ignore it. Wait, was that a red light. Past the intersection, jump in and slam BP with a $20 billion pot for damages.

Deficits up, debt up, Wall Street down, unemployment not dropping, housing market not getting well, Afghanistan not going well, drilling moratorium in the Gulf unpopular, polls way down, fears about mid-term elections growing. Keep the pedal to the metal, pass a $26 billion bill to bail out medicaid for the states and to keep teachers off the unemployment rolls.

Say the Mosque at Ground Zero is OK. Then say it’s not what he was talking about. Right through that intersection. Got a few dings in that one. Had to cover his truth with lies.

All those intersections at high speeds. What’s the damage? Wrecked the economy. Wrecked the Democratic Party. Wrecked his poll numbers.

Mr. President, you are the last person in the world to preach to others about how they drive. It’s time for you, or someone who can give you advice, to explain what a red light looks like so you can stop.

No one can afford the carnage from your driving any longer.

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