Republican Party and Process Servers

August/11/2010 16:29PM
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I quit my donations to the RNC due to Michael Steele. Instead I sent some money to the National Republican Senatorial Committee. It seemed that Senator John Cornyn, Chairman had some common sense and wouldn’t spent it in strip clubs.

The RNC sends me three letters a week and calls three times a day. None of the calls are answered since I have caller ID and none of the mail is opened. If you ever give the RNC a dime you will be harassed like a deadbeat turned over to a collection agency. So, my advice, don’t give them a dime.

However, John Cornyn has replaced Michael Steele as the dumbest Republican in America. I came home to find a certified mail receipt in my mailbox. I couldn’t discern the source of the mail, since my mail carrier, nice as he is, flunked penmanship. So, I truck off the post office. No better reminder of your government at work. Six people in line and one clerk. Others are milling about but not serving customers. Finally, after a 15 minute wait and after showing my ID and filling out an electronic form, I get my certified, return receipt requested piece of mail.

It’s a solicitation letter from Senator Cornyn. He says “I apologize for any inconvenience caused by sending this to you Certified, but I could not leave anything to chance-I needed you to open this letter and respond TODAY.”

I am responding TODAY. Kiss my butt, Senator Cornyn. It really takes a lot to be more arrogant than Obama, Pelosi, and Reid, but you got it done. It takes something to be dumber than Michael Steele, but you obviously are. It shows your total disregard for the time ,freedom and liberty of your party supporters.

As this blog repeatedly represents, I am very concerned about the November elections. I am doubly concerned since it is obvious the Republican Party is leaderless and ignorant. Crossing the line to make sure you get no more help from a staunch supporter is inexcusable.

So, Senator, until you and Steele are gone and replaced with the likes of Rove and Gingrich, you get nothing from me. And, most likely the party gets much fewer candidates elected in November than expected. Nothing trumps stupidity, even in politics.

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  1. Carol Walker says:

    After research, I will not go through the hassle to pick up the certified mail from RNC. Numerous phone calls from various States, Anonymous calls or names I do not know are never answered at my home. The interruptions throughout the days and nights have me ready to go unlisted. i agree with previous comment. Am going to start collecting all the RNC mail to both my husband and myself just to return to them in one of their huge Fed Ex envelopes. I paid my dues and continually have received requests to do so again. I’ve written to them that I refuse to support a non existing RNC. I do NOT trust them, nor want them to ignore the AMERICAN PEOPLE’S choice of who will be the Republican Presidential Nominee. I’m beginning to believe the RNC is infiltrated by lying Democrats due to lack of action against Obama. When the GOP FIRST began attempts to oust Trump from being a Presidential Candidate, they lost any loyalty from me.
    Seems the RNC is doing their best to get career criminal Hillary Clinton into the White House,

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