Missouri Votes Against Obamacare

August/06/2010 16:30PM
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By a 70% vote, Missouri voted to kill the mandatory provisions of Obamacare.

Liberals excuse this by saying all the voters were Republican.

As many as twenty states plan to have some challenge like the Missouri vote. In Missouri, the AG refused to mount a legal challenge against this. But, the voters insisted it be put on the ballot in the primary election. A judge in Virgina has already approved a suit by the state against this provision.

It is becoming obvious that people all over America feel this is overreach by the Feds. If they can mandate you buy health insurance, they can mandate anything. They use interstate commerce to justify this. They have used interstate commerce to justify most significant intrusions into state’s rights and individual freedoms.

If this goes to the Supreme Court, they could stop the use of this questionable issue to continue to pull more and more power into the Federal government.

Liberals have to weigh this risk. If they keep pursuing this many previous intrusions could be stuck down.

It will be interesting to watch this unfold.

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