Tea Party Supporters are Racist?

July/16/2010 15:57PM
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The NAACP has branded me a racist. I’m an early Tea Party supporter. Playing the race card on me and my fellow Tea Party supporters is unjustified. Michele Obama spoke at the NAACP convention where this resolution was passed and said nothing about this position. She lectured them on diet. We have unemployment, wars, political unrest, an oil leak, and her key topic was diet.

I object to President Obama’s agenda and his performance as our president. It has nothing to do with his color.

It has everything to do with what I believe he is doing to my country. To the futures of my kids and grand kids. Was every black person who didn’t like Bush a racist? What would the NAACP have said if the RNC had suggested that? What would Jesse Jackson have said? Or, Al Sharpton?

I have a pretty good sense of racism. The remarks the head of the New Black Panther Party said about killing crackers and their babies was racist. Obama suggested the police officer who arrested his Harvard friend was racist. He had to have a beer fest to fix that. The pass the Attorney General is giving the Panthers who intimidated the voters in St. Louis has racist undertones.

So, is everyone who doesn’t support Obama a racist?

Eight one percent of Tea Party members are white. That compares with 75% of all Americans. That means 19% of Tea Party supporters are non-white. Are they racist?

I am not naive. I know racism is still a problem in this country. But, I don’t see how branding people racists makes the problem lessen. Or, how letting the Panthers have a pass for intimidating voters helps. Or, the rhetoric about killing crackers is a good idea. On the other hand, Bill Clinton excusing away Byrd’s 20 years in the Klan erases his racism. Byrd isn’t a racist, but I am?

The NAACP is not helping mend fences by painting a large group of Americans who want to exercise their free speech racists. Sorry.

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