Lame Duck Congress Could Do Damage

July/01/2010 14:04PM
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Pundits think the Democrats will lose Congress in November. Obama is doing his level best to make sure that happens. He was in Wisconsin campaigning with his old, tired stump message, the Republicans destroyed the economy. Quote: ” We knew going in that the economy was a disaster.” His Groucho Marx guy, David Axelrod said on a Sunday talk show: “We really didn’t know how bad the economy was when we took over.” Truth is always a selective option with this Chicago gang.

Recognizing that Obama has an ambitious agenda, one has to wonder what might happen between November and January when there is a lame duck congress. A minimum of 44 Democrats thrown out of office in the House and a minimum of 9 Senators gone with anger misdirected toward the voters rather than their president.

This is the perfect storm for Obama to tap that anger and get this lame duck bunch to push through immigration reform, cap and trade, card check, and more spending.

Sure, all of that would insure Obama will be a one-term president. But, he is on record saying he is OK with that. If he can reshape this country that he hates into his ideal of making us into Cuba he will accept one term. He has almost finished the job and using a lame duck Congress to finish the job is not beyond his ambitions.

Beware, throwing the liberal Democrats out of office in November may not fix the potential mischief this President can do. After January, 2011, he will be a toothless tiger and he is getting that picture. He is doing nothing to stop that from happening. Making mistakes daily that more or less insures that will happen. When the reality hits in November, this egomaniac will try to get his last shot at putting is Socialist agenda into action.

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