Charles and the Arizona Immigration Law

July/09/2010 16:38PM
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Charles is a handyman who does work for me at my Arizona house. Charles is the type of guy who can do anything with his hands. He does painting, he was a masonry contractor, he does electrical work, plumbing, works on cars, and is a carpenter.

He was doing work on my house when Governor Jan Brewer signed the controversial immigration bill. He was listening to talk radio while he worked. I asked him what he thought about the bill. He said it could save him from bankruptcy.

When the economy was blowing and going in Arizona, Charles had plenty of work. Then it stopped. Now, he says people try to leverage their scarce cash by using illegals to do work. No one illegal can do all Charles can do, but twenty might and there plenty to fill any bill.

He says no one ever brings up his problem when they debate the bill. It’s always the idea that illegals only do the work citizens won’t do. He says that’s just not true. With the economy on the rocks they are doing work citizens would be happy to do. They are doing it for cash, doing it poorly, and cheating the customer, the government, and the taxpaying citizens of Arizona who take pride in the quality of their work. There are no winners in this situation.

So, when you weigh the fairness of the Arizona bill, think of Charles. In addition to the violence, the drugs, the cost, and the common sense of illegal is illegal, some of the real victums of the influx of illegals across the country are like Charles.

Obama can’t fix the economy. He can’t create jobs. But, he can stop Arizona from stopping the injustice to Charles.

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