The Obama Arrogance to Competence Gap

June/21/2010 14:06PM
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The media announced that President Obama sent letters to the European contingent of the G-20 telling them they need to step up spending and government economic stimulants. He want us to become Europe while Europe wants to become pre-Obama America. In there no end to this man’s arrogance. Actually telling the heads of Europe they are getting it wrong.

Remember, competence is measured by deeds.

As an athlete of old once said, if you do it, it ain’t bragging.

President Obama’s first big pronouncement of his initial act was to close Gitmo. Hmmm, no deed, no competence. Then he went to get the Olympics for Chicago. No deed, no competence.

Without nothing but his support and arrogance, Congress shoved through the Stimulus Bill, despite objections of a majority of the public. Money spent, no jobs, no deed, no competence.

He had a beer with a Harvard Professor and a cop. This was to fix the damage he did by indicting the cop without any knowledge of what really happened.

He kept the general in Afghanistan hanging while he studied and re-studied the general’s request for troops. Still, today, the war is going badly in Afghanistan.

A wise man told me years ago, if you blow your horn too much, someone will use it for a funnel. Evidently no one ever told our president that adage.

He blows the oil spill so badly the left and the right are upset. He makes a big speech from the Oval Office that said nothing and left everyone cold. He takes a promise from BP to put up an escrow account and claims it for his own. Over 50 days go by before he meets with BP.

His approval ratings are in the mid 40 percentile.

If you are having trouble getting a handle on what happened to the Messiah in 18 months, think about it? The whole country recognizes this man has a huge arrogance to competence gap. He has all the answers and never hesitates to tell the world, but he can’t accomplish anything positive. The United States is making his horn into a funnel.

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