President Obama Tells Arizona Governor No Dice

June/29/2010 14:22PM
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Days past the two week promise he made to Governor Jan Brewer, President Obama sent some minions to Arizona to meet with the governor with a boring power point presentation responding to the meeting with Brewer in Washington.

The upshot of the yawner was a promise to send 524 National Guard troops in staggered numbers over the next few months. There will never be more than 150 at any time and they will be assigned to clerical duties. The attendees were not given copies of the power point presentation.

Oh yes, they will repair 20 miles of the fence. In the interim, the Obama folks have put up signs between the border and Phoenix warning people that it might be unsafe to hike or travel in the corridors the illegals travel.

Obama has not visited Arizona to see the problems first-hand. Just like the BP issue where he didn’t visit the Gulf or meet with Tony Hayward.

Governor Brewer is a tough lady and will not roll over for Obama.

Meanwhile, a lawsuit against the Arizona law that says employers must check the legal status of employees will be heard by the Supreme Court. The Arizona law passed the Court of Appeals and now goes to the Supreme Court. The law was put into effect by the prior governor, Janet Napolitano. The suit sues Janet Napolitano.

Obama is clearly on record now saying to Arizona, see you in court. That’s all I intend to do. I condone a porous border and want more potential voters than I care about the security and financial implications for the citizens of Arizona.

Once again, Democrats must be cringing. The majority of Americans want the border problem fixed. Obama doesn’t and Democrats will pay again in November.

Thanks so much, Mr. President. Every day, you drive another nail in the hopes of Democrats running for office in November. Like Bush was in the last election for Democrats, you are the Republicans best ally. Planning to campaign for anyone in Arizona between now and November?

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