Losing Touch With America

June/06/2010 14:47PM
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Every day I realize I am losing touch with my country. Here are some of the reasons I feel that way.

A very large youth soccer group in upstate NY announced a new rule. To keep from embarrassing the poor children who lose self-esteem when they lose bad to an opponent, they will absolutely prevent that from ever happening. No, it’s not the slaughter rule from my children’s generation, it’s even more creative. Any team that takes more than a 5 goal lead over an opponent automatically loses. That’s a lesson all kids should learn. It’s a big step into the brave new world of Obama Socialism.

Now at least 4 politicians have been exposed for embellishing their resumes. With my parents generation men like my dad would never discuss their experience in WWII. Now we have aspirants for big jobs who were never there lying about being there. It’s always been said the third generation will destroy a family business. I truly hope they were wrong, but there seems to be very little integrity in politics today.

A kid is told a rosary can’t be worn to school. Told it is a gang symbol.

We have good laws regarding immigration to this country. We choose not to enforce them. When a state chooses to enforce the very same laws set by the Federal Government, the Federal Government turns on that state. Why don’t we turn on the Federal Government for not enforcing the laws we pay them to enforce.

We have an administration that tries to bribe candidates to drop out of races so their preferred candidate has no competition. No one cares.

I can’t watch network news since it is all like a 30 minute political commercial for liberals. They are going broke, losing audience share and they keep doing it. Who runs these organizations?

I have a President who took over the car companies illegally. No one cares. A government that can’t run anything is trying to run everything. No one cares. Now, that same president attacks BP for paying dividends to shareholders while fighting an oil spill and watching the stock price go down. With ample cash flow to pay claims and bills for clean up, what business is it of the president if the company pays dividends? Is this president a Socialist, a Communist, or a Fascist? He sure hates capitalism and corporations.

Union memberships have been going down, but union power is up. How does that happen?

Wal-Mart supports cap and trade and health care reform. What would Sam Walton say?Is this a bribe to get the SEIU off their backs? Sam came from my Dad’s greatest generation. The current CEO is from the new generation, no integrity, you lose if you get up 5 runs or more. Nice.

AARP supports health care reform. It will injure most of their members. They have lost thousands of members. Why did they do this? See the network news question(above). Because their board is comprised of flaming liberals and they just can’t help themselves.

Obama has added $5 trillion to the deficit and the current Congress is still passing spending bills. We have two wars, a leak in the gulf, we are going broke and what is my senator working on? The esteemed liberal idiot, Dick Durbin,is proposing pet store reform. Wants to make sure no one buys a puppy that has problems. Way to go Dick.

We passed a health care bill modeled after Canada’s health care system, or that of Massachusetts, or Greece, you pick. All three are going broke. Who let this happen?

Somehow all of this goes back to that soccer rule. We are making America into a country that can’t compete on any front. Can’t stand to win, can’t stand to lose. An ump blows a call in a perfect game, apologizes, and the majority of the people want the pitcher to get his perfect game. Tell that to Harvey Haddix. He pitched 11 perfect innings and lost the game in the 12th. No perfect game according to baseball. Harvey took it like a man.

Life is tough. The men who went off to fight in WWII learned that at an early age. The men who went off to Viet Nam got a tougher lesson. Too many people back here did not appreciate their sacrifices. Today, every one wants a mulligan. Do something that doesn’t work out, and ask for a second chance. Go to rehab, discuss their upbringing, blame the boss, blame the government, blame someone. Do not, under any circumstances, do what the ump in Detroit did, say” I blew it.” I hope none of those soccer kids in Upstate New York ever become umpires.

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