Another 50 Billion for the Unions

June/14/2010 14:03PM
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What’s another $50 billion in spending for the current Congress? Especially, when it’s for their union friends.

In Arkansas, voters told the Obama friends at SEIU what they thought of their union candidate. Despite dropping $10 million in union dues to try to get Blanche Lincoln defeated, she won. The good folks in Arkansas decided they didn’t want more union activity in their state. It’s a right to work state and the SEIU wanted Lincoln out since she voted against card check. The plan to unionize the rest of America. Especially WalMart, which has their headquarters in Arkansas. The big SEIU card check target.

People in Arkansas, like most of us in the country, realize that the unions are a big factor in delaying recovery. States like California can’t afford the promises made to retired police and firemen. They can’t afford the salaries paid to teachers and watch as they under perform. Unions are wreaking havoc on this country. They have a very small population representation, but far too much leverage in Washington with Obama in office.

The $50 billion Congress has been asked to provide by Obama is to help police, firemen, and teachers in the states that can’t afford the current obligations.

The November elections are a big threat to the unions. They have the greatest influence they have had in years now and they know they need to do everything to keep that influence.

If you accept the premise that unions are a big problem and we need to normalize their influence, you need to vote accordingly in November.

In states like New Jersey where governor Chris Christie is trying to cut public union expense and get the deficit under control, he is under attack by the unions. This will be commonplace in all states with this problem.

Rather than assist these states to get costs under control, the Obama administration is using your tax dollars to defer the problem to future generations just like they are doing with health care, social security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Anyone who is supporting this cause needs to get a big message in November.

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