Two Sides of Arizona Immigration Law

May/01/2010 16:01PM
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President Obama, who hasn’t read the Arizona Senate Bill 1070, weighs in quickly opposing the bill. The ACLU, obviously, did the same. The Mayor of Phoenix, Phil Gordon announced plans to sue the State of Arizona. Their arguments are all contending it will result in racial profiling and abuse of citizen’s rights. The opponents in Arizona contend that it will reduce the convention business in Arizona. It will hurt the economy. Many opponents have never been to Arizona.

On the other side is the majority of the people who do live in Arizona. The polls showed more than 70% of Arizona residents and over 50% of legal Hispanics in Arizona favor the bill. A huge majority of Republicans and Independents were in favor. Even 40% of Democrats favor the bill.

The Governor, who signed the bill found political cover by scapegoating the Federal Government by saying the Feds have failed the state by no doing anything about the problem. Senator McCain used the same political cover by being non-committal on the bill but again faulting the Feds inaction for the bill being passed. Obama did the same. Obama and the residents of the state of Arizona are not on the same page.

Obama wants to use this bill to get and amnesty bill passed. McCain wants the bill to get border security. The residents of Arizona want the bill to rid the state of illegals and all they have done to the state in the past several years. The people in Arizona who hire illegals want cheap labor, Obama wants cheap votes.

Arizonans are tired of the damage done by illegals. With high unemployment, they don’t want illegals to have jobs in Arizona that legals can do. The state can’t afford the cost of illegals. The drag on the state budget is no longer tolerable as the state is broke. The cost to health care can’t continue. The illegal activities conducted are unacceptable. The drugs and crime hurt the legal Hispanics most. Thus, the majority of them have had enough. Plus, they take their jobs. The residents want illegal to be illegal. Nothing in the bill conflicts with Federal immigration law. Obviously, over half of the legal Hispanic population are willing to be inconvenienced to show papers if asked to rid the state of those who have no papers.

So, who wins this battle. The public that is fed up with the problem or those who choose to wink at the illegal problem using racial profiling and pandering for cheap votes as an excuse. Those who pay the bills and the price living with the problem, or those who don’t, but want to ignore the problem.

Illegals have an option in Arizona. They can go home, go to California, or become legal. They don’t have to stay in Arizona and subject themselves to possible discovery and deportation.
If Obama and the ACLU get their way, the 70% of the population have no rights. They are being asked to continue to tolerate what they have determined is an intolerable situation.

The people have spoken.But, so often in America, the people are being told they have no voice. The people in Arizona choose not to listen to the media, the ACLU, the President, or even their weak-kneed Senator, McCain, who may be in the beer business come December. Mayor Gordon may be driving one of Cindy McCain’s beer trucks after the next election.

No pun intended, you read the tea leaves and guess who wins this debate.

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