Obama Lied About Keeping Granny Alive

May/21/2010 14:43PM
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When the heath care debate was going strong, Sarah Palin said the bill would put granny down like a sick dog. Obama responded by saying you don’t have to worry abut granny. The bill would not ration health care and granny would be just fine. My wife is a granny, and I didn’t believe a word Obama said. Supply and demand will require some type of rationing. In other countries with that type of health care, it’s by age.

In typical Obama fashion, he was lying through his teeth. To make sure we all know he was lying, he has named a radical Marxist to head up Medicare and Medicaid and the person who will ultimately head up the whole health care debacle. Secretary of National Health Care. Dr. David Berwick, the flaming nominee has put out a few more quotes than Kagen. He is what he is, and what he has said defines him.

Here are a few of his quotes. “Excellent Health Care is by definition, Redistributive-meaning it must redistribute wealth and ration care” Let’s see Dr. Berwick spin this quote.

Another Berwick quote. “The American health system runs in the darkness of private enterprise unlike Britain’s politically accountable system. The National Health System is universal, accessible, excellent, and free at the point of care- a health system, that is, at it’s core, like the world we wish we had: generous, hopeful, confident, joyous, and just: America’s health system is toxic, fragmented, because of it’s dependence on consumer choice” (evidently he never learned about sentence run on in English Classes). Going on he said” I cannot believe that the individual health care consumer can enforce through choice the proper configuration of a system as massive and complex as health care. That is for leaders to do”

Here are some of his great ideas:

1. global budget caps on total health care spending for designated populations(age)
2. measurement of and fixed accountability for the health status and health needs of designated populations(age)
3. improved standardized measure of care and per capita costs across sites and through time that are transparent.
4. changes in payment such that the financial gains form reduction of per capita costs are shared amongst those who pay for care and those can and should invest in further improvements(redistribution of wealth and health)
5. changes in professional education accreditation to ensure that clinicians are capable of changing and improving their processes of care. With some risk, we note that the simplest way to establish many of these environmental conditions is a single-payer system, hiring integrators with prospective, global budgets to take care of the health needs of a defined population, without permission to exclude any member of the population.

Finishing this revealing interview, he was asked if his plan would lead to the rationing of health care. Response: “The decision is not whether or not we will ration care. The decision is whether we will ration with our eyes open.”

Single Payer system? Didn’t Obama promise that we weren’t going there? But, he names a man who has every intention of taking us there.

Loves the British system, wants to model ours after theirs. Great, their statistics are below ours on every measure. And,says we don’t have good doctors, we must re-educate our clinicians. We innovate much of what’s new in medicine.

This guy is another hair ball freak. We can only hope he didn’t pay his income taxes. He makes Van Jones look moderate.

It’s not bad enough that Obama shoves a bad health care reform bill down our throats, he follows that act by naming a man to run the system that will insure we get rationing, single payer, and the British system. All to redistribute wealth.

This will come out soon, but not in the mainstream media. If Republicans are smart they will pounce on this guy Wonder how AARP can explain him away?

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