Highland Park High School is Right

May/15/2010 15:11PM
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Administrators at Highland Park High in Illinois decided their girl’s basketball team should not travel to Arizona to play in a tournament later this year. Initially, the decision was based on an honest response that the school administration did not approve of the Arizona bill 1070 regarding illegal immigrants. It was later amended to a safety issue. They are deeply concerned that one of the players might be illegal and would be subjected to a shakedown and possible incarceration and deportation. Somehow they did get it right in the end. It is a safety issue.

The team would be arriving in Arizona before bill 1070 really kicks in and a large number of the 460,000 illegals who live in Arizona can be deported. The ones who have made Arizona second only to Columbia in kidnaps. The ones who terrorize legal Hispanics and sell their kids drugs, rob them, and cause them to support the bill. Police chases with pickups loaded with illegals being brought into Arizona by coyotes who also sell drugs sometimes result in accidents. So, it is in the best interests of the Highland Park girl’s basketball team safety to wait until bill 1070 is able to make Arizona safer. Even today, Phoenix might be safer than Chicago, the new murder capital of America. So, please Highland Park, don’t let the girls play anywhere in Chicago.

Highland Park would seem to be the place I would look to find in depth knowledge of Hispanics. I’m sure many of the residents hire illegals to clean their houses, raise their kids, and mow their grass. And, pay them in cash. And, violate the Federal law regarding such. Maybe even some of the Highland Park School administration. Someone should look into that. Certainly we don’t want anyone in Highland Park breaking the law.

The Attorney General of the United States wants to sue the state of Arizona over 1070, but he admitted he hasn’t read the bill. The president wants to do the same, but hasn’t read the bill. Has the Highland Park School administration read the bill? Most legal experts feel the bill will past muster in the courts since it does not violate any Federal laws. If so, will the students who worked to earn money for their trip to Arizona be able to sue the Highland Park High School for depriving them of their legal rights? Why not? Believe me people in Highland Park love to sue.

So, one of the richest suburbs in Chicago, 1800 miles from Arizona, with little, if any knowledge of bill 1070 decides the want to make a political statement about the bill. We sure can’t let kids pray in the Highland Park schools, but we can mix politics and education?

It’s OK to let Highland Park students visit China, which they did, but not Arizona? I’m hard pressed to understand that? One country kills people who disagree and has a very bad record on women’s rights and a state wants to enforce the Federal laws the Federal Government doesn’t reinforce. One is OK and one isn’t. A majority of Americans agree with the Arizona law, what percentage agrees with Chinese human rights?

But, again I concede, it would not be safe to leave Highland Park for Arizona. Not until Arizona can get the damage under control and stop the crime and kidnapping they are living with daily. Meanwhile, you good folks in Highland Park might want to bone up on the federal laws about hiring illegals.

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