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May/05/2010 15:36PM
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Four terrorist attacks on American soil since Obama took office and appointed Napolitano as Director of Homeland Security. Her claim to fame for the job-she was one of the first to endorse Obama for president. Shortcomings-she kept the border porous in Az,was soft on crime,and as governor destroyed the state budget with liberal giveaways. Some credentials,right?

Remember” the famous-the system worked” comment when the bomb in Detroit malfunctioned? Or the failure to mention the word “terrorism” once during her confirmation hearings? Or, the term “man-made disasters” to replace the term terrorism she coined after getting the job. Or the letters that went out to all law
enforcement offices in the country warning that returning military might need watching as potential terrorists? Later recinded after veteran’s protested?

Thanks to a NYC cop, the car bomb in NY was diffused.now he has been Mirandized 24 hours after he was put in custody. And, the methods used to find and capture him were broadcast to the media. That should help the bad guys to avoid those mistakes next time.

The Keystone Kops would make Obama,Holder, and Napolitano look good.

Their efforts to discredit Bush and Cheney look bad while playing politics with domestic security are putting us all at risk. The idea that Obama can persuade our enemies to back off are naive. His choices to put Holder, a former defender of terrorists in his job and the village idiot in hers spell big trouble.

Where’s FEMA in the BP oil spill disaster?

The good citizens of this country are rightfully worried. We deserve better.

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