Appauding Arizona

May/04/2010 13:56PM
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First, let me apologize for typos in this entry. I’m using an I-pad since my computer is down. Editing is a problem, since it won’t let me a scroll within a scroll. Hope to be back on the desktop tomorrow.

Opponents of Az Bill 1070 are asking for a boycott of Arizona. Don’t go there on vacation,don’t buy from companies based in Az, don’t have meetings or conventions there. Even the mayor of Phoenix,Phil Gordon, has encouraged this action. So if you don’t agree that illegals should be considered illegal,boycott. If you don’t think a Federal law on the books since the 40’s requiring illegals to carry papers is really a law,boycott.If you believe being asked for your driver’s license if you are stopped for an offense is profiling,boycott.If you don’t aPpreciate that having 450,000 illegals in a population of 6,500,000 non-illegals is a problem,boycott.

If you don’t understand that most illegals entering this country today come through Arizona,boycott. If you don’t know or don’t care that Arizona has major budget issues created by Janet Napolitano,former governor,now Director of Homeland Security,boycott. If you don’t realize how much illegals are contributing to the Az economic woes,boycott.

If you don’t know that every time Sheriff Joe does a crime sweep he picks up 80% illegals doing those cremes,boycott. If you don’t know about the Az unemployment problem, the trades being a big part of those jobless,boycott.

Buy for every boycott,there should be those who disagree with those boycotting. In Az 70% of the people favor the new law for the reasons mentioned above. In the entire country, the majority agree with the law.

I’m recommending that those of you who applaud Az for trying to do something about this problem show equal or more economic support for Az.

Give the state your business for doing what our pathetic,paralyzed,vote-sucking elected officials in Washington refuse to do. Ennforce the laws on the books today.

Nothing in Az bill 1070 is illegal or in conflict with federal law. It is not racial profiling. It means that must provide proof of citizenship if you become involvrd with the law in any normal way the law would choose to be involved.

The hue and cry that this makes Az a police state comes from those who want no action taken against illegals, much as it has been. That’s how we got 13million illegals here.

If you agree that a law that mirrors federal law is a good law, throw Az a bone. Offset the boycott efforts and send some business their way.

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