Welfare State Promotes Illegal Immigration

April/03/2010 16:23PM
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Many years ago the State of Michigan had a far more generous welfare program than the state of Illinois. Soon, thousands of people seeking a better welfare opportunity moved from Chicago to Benton Harbor, Michigan, the closest low income city to Chicago. When Governor Engler stopped welfare in Michigan, they moved back to Chicago.

So, as our Imperial President Obama increases the welfare state options in this country, he may as well hang out the” please come” sign to our friends from the south who continue to enter this country illegally. Every baby born here to an illegal is automatically a US citizen. That was estimated to be 10% of the babies born in the US last year.

As Obama readies his amnesty plan for the illegals in the US, he will pledge to seal the border. This pledge will as valuable as all his other pledges. It will be a wooden nickle. He is creating the perfect world for those seeking complete government care. America will the the Benton Harbor for all of the people south of the border. And, there will be no better border control. More will come and more will be counting on your tax dollars for survival.

As Social Security goes broke, Medicare goes broke, states can’t pay their share of Medicaid, states can’t honor their generous retirement obligations to retired state workers, health care goes on rationing, doctors quit because of overload, we should really add to the load by immigration amnsesty. And, add to the social programs to attract more illegal immigrants. And, add more government workers to the employment rolls to manage the new social state. Plus, add to their future broken pension promises by granting them earlier retirement and bigger and better union retirement packages.

Bernie Madoff must be sitting in jail shaking his head thinking I’m in prison and Obama is running the perfect Ponzi scheme and living in the White House and flying around the world on Air Force One. What’s wrong with this picture?

There’s lots wrong with the picture and many of us are done with the Ponzi schemes politicians are running. Maybe we can’t put them in jail with Madoff, but we can put them out of office.

John McCain is in a tough race to win the Republican Primary in Arizona. He is running lot’s of ads since he has far more to spend than his opponent, J.D. Hayward. His main ad says” John McCain will stop earmarks.” Isn’t that great. How insulting is that ad? The country will borrow $4 trillion this year to sustain the welfare state and John McCain, God Bless his patriotic soul, will keep us from spending a billion in earmarks. Elect John to keep his finger in the dyke.

We need leaders who will make bold statements like ” I will eliminate the Department of Energy, which has consumed a trillion dollars and produced nothing. I will eliminate NASA. I will simplify the tax system and cut the IRS by 80%. I will cut government jobs by 50% and cut pension promises by 40%.

When your biggest promise to me is to cut earmarks, you need to go home to Arizona and help your wife sell Budweiser.

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