Tea Party Amuses Obama

April/17/2010 19:19PM
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Recent polls show that over 20% of Americans support the tea party movement. President Obama says the movement amuses him. He says he has lowered taxes. Another bit of untruth from our president. He has raised taxes $600 billion with more promised. Let’s see how amused this president is in November.

Even Bill Clinton piled on equating tea party people with the Oklahoma bombing.

I am so pleased that this effort to marginalize the tea party movement is the strategy of leading Democrats.

Tea party people are made up of mainstream Americans. Better educated, older, higher incomes, and previously content to stay silent. No longer content to watch as Obama tries to turn America into France.

The abject stupidity of the Democrats is refreshing. They will lose 40-50 House seats and 8-10 Senate seats in November if they do no more damage between now and November. But, they can’t resist. Bill Clinton may attack the tea party, but Hillary won’t. Hillary is seeing opportunity in 2012. How many Americans today look back and say Hillary would have been an improvement.

Keep up the good work, President Obama. As I have noted in this blog, you are losing your media friends. You are losing your party. You will lose control of Congress. You have lost Israel. You have China upset. You have even lost your far left wing nuts.

Soon, Mr. President, all you will have left is your beloved unions, your Hollywood friends(Israel may hurt that), academia, loony environmentalists, and Rahm Emanuel.

Good luck with the last two years of your term and in the 2012 election.

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