Paul Ryan and the Tea Party

April/13/2010 15:30PM
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If you don’t know Paul Ryan, Congressman from Wisconsin, you need to get to know him. Go to his web page, . Paul Ryan is a thinking version of Sarah Palin. He has real ideas, not just rhetoric. He really gets it. He epitomizes the Tea Party movement.

I’m including an excerpt from Ryan’s interview with Glen Beck.

Ryan has real ideas about cutting costs in government. He has solid ideas about health care. He puts his ideas in writing and they make sense. Paul Ryan is the type of leader we need today to defeat our plunge into Socialism. 

Spend some time getting to know Ryan. You will like him. Unlike Mitt Romney, he would never have put Obamacare into Massachusetts. Unlike Sarah Palin, he would not have failed on Fox News. He can respond to questions without sounding like he’s spouting canned responses. Unlike Newt, he doesn’t have baggage. Unlike Huckabee, he doesn’t sound like a white version of Reverend Wright. 

Finally, someone in the Republican Party is making sense.  

PAUL RYAN: They are leading us to a social welfare state, cradle?to?grave society where they create a culture of dependency on the government, not on oneself. It is meant to replace the American idea. And the reason I’m doing a lot of these speeches ?? the reason I’m talking about Hegel and Faber and Bismarck, you know, and what those people stood for and what they did and said and all their disciples, you know, in America is because I really believe we’ve got to have a debate and a political realignment fast because we will win the debate now. We are a center?right country. But if they succeed in moving us faster down the tipping point where more Americans are dependent on the government than upon themselves, where a debt crisis sparked money entitlement explosion brings us to, you know, a really tough fiscal situation, then down the road we may not win that referendum and so that is why I’m trying to, you know, do what I can from my position in congress to sound the alarm bells on what this agenda really means, what this philosophy’s all about and how we need to have a referendum in America in real elections to untangle this mess they created and prevent us from reaching this tipping point where we are a social welfare state, cradle?to?grave society, dependent on the government that lulls us into lies of complicity and dependency versus the America idea of, you know, making the most of your life, equal opportunity, equal natural rights. You know, those are the things that got us where we are and that’s why I put this roadmap plan out there. I introduced it three years ago. I put a new version out in January. You can go to my website, It is a very specific economic and fiscal plan. It’s a piece of legislation that says there is an alternative to this progressivist vision for America. There is a way to reapply and reclaim the founding principles in America and still get America back and make this century another American Century appeared that’s why I’ve been, you know, speaking from the hilltop. It’s not popular and it’s ?? and for my party, we can’t afford to screw up again. But we’ve got to get people to stop being worried or afraid of taking on this debate and that’s what I’m simply trying to do.

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