Mission Accomplished

April/04/2010 16:30PM
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Why would Obama contuinue to pursue the health care reform legislation despite the cost? What was the cost? First, he is now at a 50% approval rating in the polls. He lost a senate seat in Massachusetts over health care reform. He lost governorships in Virgiania and New Jersey. He will lose the democratic majority in the Congress over the bill. He lost most of the little integrity he had left over the bill. By arm twisting and bribing and outright threats to get the votes he needed, he is no longer seen as a man of integrity.  He, personally, told a host of lies in his 50 speeches promoting the bill. Seems like a very big price to pay for health care reform.

Did it seem curious that Obama was not the least bit interested in th content of the bill? He would sign any bill. 

Does it bother you that he knows there is no possible way we can afford this bill?

Is it a concern that Obama knows the requirement to buy health care insurance is unconstitutional?

Should we wonder why he is unconcerned that the states can’t afford the increased Medicaid costs?

Or, that seniors will never again vote for Obama or most democrats over the $500 billion that will be stripped out of Medicare?

Why is Obama willing to go all in over this one issue?

It’s simple. Watch this video. It explains it all.   

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