Corrupt Media in America

April/09/2010 15:13PM
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Haley Barber, Governor of Mississippi, calls the U.S. media coverage of the new health care reform law the longest wet kiss in the history of US journalism.

Eight thousand tea party supporters gathered in the desert in Nevada to hear Sarah Palin. Media coverage says Ms. Palin is using symbols, etc. to motivate the followers to violence. Little, if any,coverage of the eight thousand attendees.

No one has come forth to validate the supposed racial slurs from the protesters at the Capitol when voting was occurring on the health care bill. But, it was front page news in all the media.

Big media news was all the threats to those who voted for the bill. Nothing was front page when the ACORN thugs beat up a voter at the polls in St. Louis at the last election.

Has the left wing media in America crossed the line from a liberal bias to corrupt reporting?

What Bernie Goldberg called the slobbering love affair with Obama is becoming blatant corruption in the mainstream media. Have they become our version of Tass?

We have a president who now has a 46% approval rating with the public, but a 90% approval rating with the mainstream media. Is that corruption?

When did yellow journalism, which we have had for years, become corrupt journalism?

As more and more mainstream media face financial failure, will this create enough change to push them back to responsible journalism?

This is America and history shows when things go too far, they get pushed back to reality. We can only hope.


The Sailor Pictured Below Is,

Navy Petty Officer,


(Petty Officer, Second Class)


(Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Second Class)


April 5th, 1981 ~ September 29th, 2009



Mike Monsoor,

Was Awarded “The Congressional Medal Of Honor” Last Week,

For Giving His Life In  Iraq  , As He Jumped On, And Covered With His Body, A Live Hand Grenade,


Saving The Lives Of A Large Group Of Navy Seals That Was Passing By!


During Mike Monsoor’s Funeral,

At Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery , In San Diego , California ..

The Six Pallbearers Removed The Rosewood Casket From The Hearse,

And Lined Up On Each Side Of Mike Monsoor’s Casket,

Were His Family Members, Friends, Fellow Sailors, And Well-wishers.

The Column Of People Continued From The Hearse, All The Way To The Grave Site.

What The Group Didn’t Know At The Time Was,

Every Navy Seal

(45 To Be Exact)

That Mike Monsoor Saved That Day Was Scattered Through-Out The Column!


As The Pallbearers Carried The Rosewood Casket

Down The Column Of People To The Grave Side.

The Column Would Collapse..

Which Formed A Group Of People That Followed Behind.


Every Time The Rosewood Casket Passed A Navy Seal,

He Would Remove His Gold Trident Pin From His Uniform,

And Slap It Down Hard,

Causing The Gold Trident Pin To Embed Itself

Into The Top Of The Wooden Casket!

Then The Navy Seal Would Step Back From The Column, And Salute!


Now For Those,


Who Don’t Know What A Trident Pin Is,

Here Is The Definition!


After One Completes The Basic Navy Seals Program Which Lasts For 6 months,

And Is Followed By Seal Qualification Training,

Which Is 15 More Months Of Training,

Necessary To Continue Improving Basic Skills And To Learn New Tactics And Techniques,

Required For An Assignment To A Navy Seal Platoon.

After successful completion,

Trainees Are Given Their Naval Enlisted Code,

And Are Awarded The Navy Seal Trident Pin.

With This Gold Pin They Are Now Officially Navy Seals!

It Was Said,

That You Could Hear Each Of The 45 Slaps From Across The Cemetery!

By The Time The Rosewood Casket Reached The Grave Site,

It Looked As Though It Had A Gold Inlay From The 45 Trident Pins That Lined The Top!



This Was A Fitting End To An Eternal Send-Off For A Warrior Hero!

This Should Be Front-Page News!

Instead Of The Garbage We Listen To And See Every Day.

Here’s A Good Idea!

Since The Main Stream Media Won’t Make This News.

Then We Choose To Make It News By Forwarding It.

I Am Proud Of All The Branches Of Our Military..

If You Are Proud Too, Please Pass This E-Mail On.
Jeff Clark
101st Patch
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