California Stupidity Coming to America

April/06/2010 17:40PM
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California has always been the hot bed for radical environmental ideas. A segment of the California population believes they can recreate the garden of Eden in America. Too many drugs, too much money, and detachment from any reality may cause these delusions. But, with little to do in their lives except worship at that altar of environmental stupidity, they have exerted great influence, not just in California, but across America. The greater the influence, the more they pursue greater power.

California stopped off shore drilling in most of this country after the Union oil spill thirty years ago. They led the effort to stop building new nuclear plants. They want all coal fired power plants shut down. These lug nuts have a huge carbon footprint, but they want yours to be zero. They want you, your kids, and your grand kids to live in a cave and eat fruits and nuts(pun intended, since California is the land of fruits and nuts) while they use their money to buy whatever lavish lifestyle they want with Gore-type energy usage.

Have you driven into Palm Springs lately? The same nuts who stopped billboards on highways have created the most blighted landscape in the country with hundreds on ten story tall windmills. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and in my eye this is the ugliest thing I’ve seen in America. Where is Lady Bird Johnson when we need her. Somehow we have been brainwashed into thinking windmills are beautiful. Give me a break. I’ll take an oil rig a hundred miles offshore over 500 windmills killing birds and whistling like a Kansas wind lined up along a major highway.

Now the birds the windmills didn’t kill are coming home to roost in California. They mandated the LA power company get 20% of it’s power from renewable energy sources. They will achieve that. But, they still get 50% from coal.

But, the bill is coming due. Not only do you get the ugly windmills, you get the ugly utility bills. The city council authorized a 5% increase on April 1. The utility needs a 20% increase to cover the costs of buying the green energy.

Neither the city council nor the utility board will grant the necessary increases. They can’t do it politically. So, here sits the utility. They did what the politicians required. Now the bill is coming due and the politicians won’t pay the bill. It leaves the utility in the middle.

When you don’t live in the real world you don’t worry about such trivial matters as costs. Whether homeowners can pay for your stupidity. Now, the real world has crept in and the politicians are blaming the utility.

Won’t this be fun as the moves across the country? Drill here, drill now baby, leave the freak ideas in the state that can’t seem to take control and run the freaks out of power.

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