Success Shameful in America

March/22/2010 16:13PM
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Suddenly, the very foundation of our country is changing. All my life, striving for success was the magic difference between this country and the rest of the world. Today, for the first time in my life there is a concerted movement to make success shameful. When I was a kid, it was “clean your plate, people in China are starving.”

I came from humble beginnings. I worked my way through college. I worked my way up the corporate ladder and sacrificed a lot to gain some level of success. By some standards, I am rich. I feel absolutely no shame whatsoever about that. I don’t care what the media, the current administration, or any blathering talking head, political or otherwise, says, I feel zero shame.

I read an article that some feather headed journalist wrote in a Connecticut paper that discussed a person who has a 23 foot boat and an obscene rich person who has a 48 foot yacht. This dope inferred it was OK to have a 23 foot boat, but the owner of the 48 foot boat was a classic example of the obscene flaunting of wealth. When did it become obscene to be successful enough in this country to spend what you have legally earned on a boat. I don’t even own a boat, what does that make me?

This is another classic example of using shame to change America into Cuba. Just like the farce that was global warming, now is climate change. If you don’t buy their voodoo science, you are un-American. You are destroying the planet. But, really, if you do buy it, you will set this country back and insure your kids and grand kids pay the price. That guy who owns the 48 foot yacht may employ 300 people. The guy who owns the smaller boat may work for him.

To achieve success you usually have to drag a few people along with you. When you achieve success, you get to pay the taxes that now cover 70% of the taxes paid, since most don’t pay any taxes. If you own the yacht and move out of Connecticut, some other smuck will have to pay the taxes you no longer pay the state.

We, as a country, are in serious need of therapy. We are being spoon fed crap by idiots who want to make us into a third world country. Fools, pseudo intellects, deadbeats who want us to raise them and their families, buy their health care, and pay their taxes. We want to make the country like the great educational failure where no grades where given.

This country became what we are, or were, because those who worked hard, took risks, pursued the American Dream, and spend the benefits of our work on goods and services that created jobs for others and helped them up another rung on the ladder. Today, we are being told daily that this was a bad idea.

If we buy this shame, we will become something we don’t want to be. We need to let Obama go back to being a community organizer and take our tax dollars and waste them on bureaucratic spending in the inner city where no plans have worked for the past three generations. We don’t need to let this shame turn the whole country into the South Side of Chicago. Money pours in and nothing changes. Government keeps the population dependent on the government.

The Tea Party is the best way to stomp out this shame. They, the purveyors of shame, can sell their snake oil elsewhere. Or, move to France or Cuba. Vote out the politicians who are peddling this crap. Go back to a country where it is just fine to succeed beyond your biggest dreams and reward yourself with the benefits of that work. Pay your fair share of taxes and be charitable, but ignore those who try to tell you it’s wrong to succeed.

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