Obama is Charisma Free

March/21/2010 16:49PM
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When you are in love with yourself, you have little warmth for anyone else. You are missing a big quality that is a key part of effective leadership. If you are likable, you can get more people to follow you and embrace your decisions. A cold, untrustworthy leader gets few followers.

President Obama has managed to alienate himself with most of the world’s key leaders in just a year. China, Russia, and Israel, to name a few.

Today, if his health care reform bill passes by one or two votes, he will crow like a peacock. It will be marked as a day when another key freedom is taken from Americans. Remember his pledge to end partisan politics in Washington? Have you ever seen it worse? Have you ever seen more problems within a party as the Democrats have now? Many fear they will lose in the fall election. They have no confidence in Obama to carry the day for them. His low approval rating makes him a liability. His forcing health care reform through, even though the majority of Americans don’t want it, will take the approval rating lower. Congress has a 17% approval rating largely due to Obama’s unpopular agenda.

Health care reform will be his single success. A bill that is unpopular. He has spoken about it nearly a hundred times, and it has gotten less popular not more popular. He can’t close Gitmo, can’t pass cap and trade, can’t pass card check, can’t get amnesty for illegals, and the country and the party are seeing him as ineffective. A big part of the ineffectiveness is the unpopularity of his socialist agenda, but a bigger part is his lack of charisma.

He has had opportunities to step up to the plate and has struck out every time. The big one was the Ft. Hood shootings. He blew that one big time. Then, the Christmas bomber. He was AWOL on that one. No pictures of Obama standing in the rubble of the World Trade Center with his arm around a fireman. You never will. This man is incapable of being warm or showing warmth, humor, or humanity. He is a robotic orator with an unpopular agenda.

The unpopular agenda will make keep him unpopular, but the lack of charisma will hurt him even more. As bad, he has surrounded himself with equally cold people. Nancy Pelosi gives Obama a run for zero charisma. Harry Reid, what a dynamo. Rahm Emanuel, colder than the dead fish he delivered to a rival when he was a congressman. Why would anyone with any personality want to hang with this crew? Especially, Obama.

He is just a narcissist, unlikeable human.

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