Good Day Comrades

March/24/2010 16:06PM
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You have begun your first week in the new USSA. The United States of Socialist America. Thanks to Obama and 220 members of the House of Representatives and the wicked witch from the west, you are now living in a socialist country. Bart Stupak, a blatant liar who sold out for a few pieces of silver, gets special notice. Michigan, a lost-cause socialist state, will send him back to congress.

The organization that will run the new Government Run Health care Utility is none other than the IRS. Won’t that be fun. If you are out of work, get your butt to Washington. There will be thousands of new jobs as a result of this new bureaucracy. The IRS, the people who will decide what should be paid for every medical procedure, and hundreds of other new, union, high-paid desk warmers. Think license bureau and post office and apply that to managing your future health care.

If you think we aren’t the new USSA, just remember this. The same government that can give you something, like free health care, can take away from you whatever they choose. What better organization to do that than the IRS?

This is just the foot in the door. Your charming socialist president and his fuzzy little friends have a big agenda. Every item on that agenda will grow government, add cost, raise taxes, and redistribute wealth. Chipping away at capitalism like erosion. The idea that all of this can be done with 49 votes in the Senate and 217 votes in the House has them vibrating with titillation. The House has already passed Cap and Trade. Let’s just ram it through the Senate with reconciliation. Need votes, buy some.

It defies logic. It requires so much dedication to socialism that you are willing to destroy our country and mortgage the futures of our kids and grand kids. You will even ignore the polls and sacrifice your job to the cause. Workers of the World, Unite.

Anger is running the highest I have ever seen in my lifetime.The Messiah has horns and a tail. He lied to all of us in the campaign. He will lie to us over and over to keep the USSA moving forward. The senate now finds he lied in all his speeches about health care reform. It will tax people making less than $200K. It doesn’t cover kids until 2014. Small oversights.

So, comrades of the USSA, you can take the scraps from the horned Messiah, and become Detroit, or you can get some spine and go to work. If you don’t, you will either be working for the government in one of those great new IRS jobs, or not working at all and waiting for your next government check.

The choice is yours.

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