Still Drinking the Global Warming Kool-Ade?

February/28/2010 18:44PM
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Every day more and more hard data is exposed indicating the world has been spun on man-made global warming. Inconvenient truths emerging.

When the science was being led by the United Nations, was that a clue. When the planet has been cooling for the past ten years, was that a clue? When Al Gore, the man who invented the Internet led the charge, maybe you had a tinge of suspicion? When the left-wing media ran a story on the nightly news, did you wonder just a bit? When left-wing politicians saw this as a way to expand government control and pull in billions in money to spend, did you question the movement? Substituting man-made global warming for socialism.

I have a suggestion for all of you who worship this false religion. Go back to church. It’s a false idol and you will not be able to use it to get a ticket punched to heaven.

Step back and think about your future and the futures of you children and grandchildren and question whether being spun by scientists who aren’t using science to sell you the sacrifices that this will bring to your life and decide whether you trust this enough to damage the economy of this country, stifle progress, and sacrifice the life-style gains we’ve made in the past century to worship at this church.

History is full of countries that have followed bad ideas and poor leadership without question. It’s time to question this. Al Gore’s either in the witness protection program or on Amber Alert right now. Why isn’t he out there defending this? He has never engaged in health debate with a scientist who debunks this fallacy. It would like him taking a knife to a gunfight. He is fine when it comes to presenting this to a friendly audience, but has no ability to handle specifics.

Ulterior motives have always driven this theory by staunch supporters. Power, money, ideology, etc. Good citizens who buy into the idea are largely driven by guilt. Shed your guilt and decide whether saving the planet for bad science and destorying your future is a good trade-off.

There are many good environmental efforts we can all make to to clean up our world. Look how far we have come from the days we had rivers on fire. But, hydrocarbons are not evil. Nuclear power is not evil. And, alternative energy is still 2% of our energy despite billions spent to make it bigger.

Think for yourself and use common sense. Put down the Kool-Aid.

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