Obama Makes Another Move to Destroy the Democratic Party

February/25/2010 13:55PM
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Watching the Obama circus on Health Care Reform on 2/25/10 is like seeing a father welcome his daughter arrive home past curfew with a Gideon Bible under her arm. Mixed emotions.

First, it’s disgusting to watch politicians from both parties use 10,000 words to say what 100 words would accomplish. This is the price we pay to keep electing lawyers to public office. Lawyers get paid by the word. Is it any wonder that we are in the mess we are in with these clowns running the country? I’ve never attended a business meeting in my life, and I’ve attended thousands, where anyone would be tolerated when making a speech when a response to a question was requested. The few who tried that were soon gone. It was an unwritten rule that kept anyone from the law department from speaking at meetings.

Blathering, preening for the camera, and putting anyone who would ever watch this for 6 hours sound asleep, is a sad indictment for our country.

But, Obama will use the reconciliation measure to ram this through. That’s the Gideon Bible in the story. He will do it and it will destroy the Democratic party and make Obama’s next three years a waste of his time. He will pay dearly for this. But, he will do it anyway. He is a dyed-in-the-wool Socialist. He can’t change. He still believes he can make a speech and get the public to buy his ideology.

So, Mr. President, do it. It isn’t something that can’t be undone. But, it will undo you and the party. Sally forth Mr. Arrogance. Ignore the fact that the public stopped listening to you months ago. Make some more useless, glowing teleprompter speeches. Bore us some more. Appeal to the far left. Ignore that simple fact that this is a center-right country. Listen to the words of your guru, Andy Stern, President of the SEIU.

Bush was stubborn about firing Don Rumsfeld. Rumsfeld punched the ticket to let the Democrats take over the congress. The next day the Repubican Party forced Bush to fire him. Too late. Health care reform is Obama’s Rumsfeld. Early in 2011 whatever Obama does now will be reversed. Let him have his pound of stubborn flesh and pay the price for a hollow victory.

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