Napolitano is an Award Winner

February/24/2010 17:30PM
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Congratulations to Ms. Napolitano. She wins the big award for 2009.  And, she’s well on the way to win again in 2010.


Here’ s why:

1. She cited Tea Party protesters, southern Christians, and returning members of the mlitary as potential terrorists and right-wing extremists.

2. Re-titled terror as an Overseas contingency.

3. Dropped the word terrorism. Never mentioned the word in her confirmation proceeding.

4. Saying the 9/11 attack was a “man-caused disaster”

5. Claimed illegal immigration is not a crime.

6. Said the Canadian border was more dangerous than the Mexican border

7. Said the 9/11 attacks came from Canada.

8. Choose not to test travelers from Mexico for Swine Flue. 

9. Compared the fence on the southern border to the Berlin Wall.

10. Claimed the “system worked” in the December bombing attempt.

11. Made her first priority as Director of Homeland Security an attack on Sheriff Joe in Phoenix for rounding up illegals in her old home state, Arizona. 

12. Now, in 2010, we find there are over 100 full image scanners, millions of our tax dollars, still in the warehouses. 

How much incompetence must Americans tolerate from this woman before Obama finally admits he made a bad decision putting her in this job? Her reason for being selected, she was one of the first to come out supporting Obama for president.  She left Arizona in a financial mess. But, she supprted Obama.  I know a lot of other dumbasses who did that too, why not fill the cabinet with them?

P.S. I suggest you take minute and read the comment from Charlotte, below.

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